The secret of Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que? Low and slow.

Just like Granny said all those years ago, the real secret to authentic Southern Bar-B-Que is all in how it’s cooked—low and slow. And at Lucille’s, that’s the way we do it, smoking the finest cuts of meat at a constant temperature of 225°, for hours on end. 

Whether your taste runs to Carolina-style, Texas-style, Memphis-style, or any style in between, chances are you’re going to be partial to Lucille’s style—perfectly cooked Bar-B-Que with a smoke-ring of pink around the edges, encrusted by a “bark” of spices and juices, and so succulent it practically falls off the bone. 

And if you have upwards of 12 hours to spare, you can even watch the tri tip or brisket or rack of ribs being cooked with hickory wood right in front of you in our dining room smoker. But we suggest taking a taste-tour instead, getting to know the ins-and-outs of Lucille’s secret-recipe mops and sauces.  Don’t worry—we have Granny’s permission.